PurPlay  Surf

PurPlay Surf

Price: $24.95


Sensual Herbal Spray Personal Lubricant

• Sprays at any angle

• Relaxing Effects

• Slick and Sultry

• No Need to Prewarm

• No Silicone

• Chemical-Free

• No Desensitizing

• No Cold Shock

PurPlay Surf™ – Ride The Wave!

Potential Side Effects: The Cuddles

30ml Spray Lubricant (1 fluid ounce)


For More Information Go To Pur-Play.com

Like magic waves of pleasure, rainforest herbal oil blend stimulates feelings of intimacy and arousal so she can relax and enjoy romantic play.  Soothing herbs send subtle messages calming both mind and body while heightening the senses.  Both he and she enjoy a silky smooth sensual experience. For waves of erotic sensory play.

Sensual Herbal Lubricant

Ingredients: Purified Coconut Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Calming Herbs, Palma Rosa Essential Oil Instructions: Shake Well! 3-4 sprays before foreplay. Allow 5+ minutes to notice effects. Discontinue use if any reactions or irritation occurs. Test for use with condoms.

For More Information Go To Pur-Play.com

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