PurPlay  Classic

PurPlay Classic

Price: $24.95


Natural Fun-Play Spray Personal Lubricant

• Sprays at any angle

• Arousing Effects

• Slick and Sultry

• No Need to Prewarm

• No Silicone

• Chemical-Free

• No Desensitizing

• No Cold Shock


PurPlay Classic™ – Fun Natural Fun!

Potential Side Effects: Affectionitus

30ml Spray Lubricant (1 fluid ounce)

For More Information Go To Pur-Play.com

Natural alternative to synthetic personal lubricants.  Specially formulated organic coconut and avocado oil blend supplements natural lubricants made by the body to maximize intimate play.  Doubles as a great lube for toys and manual play.  Simply your natural choice for silky smooth pure pleasure!

Natural Fun-Play Lubricant

Ingredients: Purified Coconut Oil, Organic Avocado Oil. Instructions: Shake Well! 3-4 sprays before foreplay. Allow 5+ minutes to notice effects. Discontinue use if any reactions or irritation occurs. Test for use with condoms.

For More Information Go To Pur-Play.com

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