Melanoma is a particularly scary word! Whenever you mention it to people they have a visceral response; sometimes a gasp, wince or “oh no!” Melanoma is dangerous because it can be a horrifyingly swift and silent killer if not detected at its earliest stages. There are many stories of heartbreak of losing loved ones so early in their lives to this type of cancer and leaving a legacy of the importance of being vigilant and paying attention to the skin’s early warning signals. Early diagnosis is in fact the best chance for excellent cure rates.

Having had a melanoma changed everything for me...

I will always remember the day when my husband, Bob, first noticed a strange-looking spot on my leg. It was a glorious summer day in San Diego where we lived aboard our boat, and I had just kicked back and propped up my feet when Bob pointed to a small waxy spot on the outside of my left leg near my ankle. It caught me off guard because even when I shaved my legs I had not noticed this funky spot! First it was in a tough place to see it—I actually needed a mirror to get a good look at it. Second, it was a pearly translucent white looking area, like a very thin piece of hot wax had been dripped on my left ankle just above the ankle bone. At first glance it was not alarming and only about the size of the tip of my little finger (little then did I know how much size matters). We both agreed to keep a watchful eye on it. About 6 weeks later Bob was alarmed when he saw that this “waxy” spot on my left ankle turned bright red.

I made several calls to friends in the medical community who urged me to get an emergency appointment to a dermatologist. At first I thought they were over-reacting, and then I reacted to the tone in their voices. It had unnerved me and that spurred me into action. How lucky I was to be referred into Dr. Hugh Greenway, a renowned dermatology specialist at Scripps Clinic in San Diego. Dr. Greenway is an internationally recognized expert in skin cancer surgery and considered by peer review to be one the best doctors in America. Within two weeks of discovering the red lesion, I had a skin biopsy and upon receiving the report, was advised to report for surgery within five days. It all happened so incredibly fast which served to underscore the seriousness of this type of cancer.

I loved Dr. Greenway’s firm, frank and friendly manner. He explained how important it was to have detected this lesion early. In fact, he diagnosed my melanoma “in situ” which meant that the skin lesion was only about the thickness of a single piece of paper. He explained to me how early diagnosis is critical to increase survival by corralling cancer locally rather than giving it time to metastasize or spread through the body. After having successful Mohs Microsurgery at Scripps Clinic, Dr. Greenway was adamant that the most important thing I could do was to be vigilant about limiting the amount of time my skin was exposed to the sun, especially between the daytime hours of 10-2pm. He stressed how important it was to wear sunscreen every single day---rain or shine---and to always wear a hat and protective clothing when outside.

All of a sudden, after years of sporadically using sunscreen and sometimes wearing a hat, I had to rethink everything I was doing. I began to experiment with all kinds of sunscreen products so that I could continue to enjoy an active outdoor life safely and create a healthy lifestyle that was good for my skin.

Meanwhile, as the years went by, my skin became more and more sensitive and irritated by every day things: laundry detergent and dryer sheets; bath soaps and shower gels; body lotions and oils. And the very thing I needed the most…sunscreens…clogged my pores and left me with a sticky yucky feeling!

I transformed my thinking about what is good for my health

I changed my thinking about how to live indoors and out. I made changes in my diet and sought nutrients that were better for me and I changed my thinking about what was good and bad for my skin.

I started reading soap and shampoo product labels and was repulsed by the volume of irritating chemical ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate and ammonium laureth sulfate. I learned about how these chemicals synthetically created foam and left irritating residue on my skin. I began to eliminate the use of any products that contained these kinds of skin irritants. I stopped using dryer sheets and harsh laundry detergents with perfumes. I experimented with all kinds of sunscreen and finally found what works absolutely the best for me.

All of that was progress; however, my biggest everyday problem was what to use in the shower that would provide natural oils and repair my irritated dry, flaky skin. My skin was so sensitive that when I scratched my arm or my leg, or anywhere on my body, large red “track marks” would appear etched into my skin from where I had casually scratched hours before.

Desperate to find a solution I tried all kinds of shower moisturizing soap preparations, gels, bars - you name it - and none seemed to help my skin. Topical lotions, while at first soothing, would ultimately contribute to that goopy sticky feeling that I was trying to avoid in the first place, and they just seemed to build up and smother my skin.

Meanwhile, it occurred to me that of all of the people, my husband Bob had the softest smoothest skin of anyone I’ve ever known! He never used body lotions after showering. He had been using liquid castile soap for years and years. I was hopeful that he held the answer for me. I tried the same soap he used and it still was too harsh, too drying for my sensitive skin. My empathetic husband was so frustrated for me that he took matters into his own hands and began formulating a recipe for an all natural liquid soap with organic essential oils. He made this especially for me to treat my many years of skin irritation problems…and voila….hallelujah! Keys Soap Island Rx was created!

The Keys Soap Islandceutical Experience

Even though I can no longer spend extended periods of time outside at the beach or in the tropical sun I still wanted to experience the exhilarating feeling of cool Island breezes, fresh citrus aromas and smooth soft rejuvenated skin. So we created…Islandceuticals™!

Islandceuticals is our promise to provide unique chemical-free, all-natural ingredients that work beautifully together to rejuvenate, refresh and heal your skin. It is a triple treat for your skin and your senses!

Our products contain both organic and all-natural soothing essential oils leaving skin therapeutically clean, looking and feeling soft to the touch. The scents are fresh and inviting and I so look forward to using them every day.

It’s therapeutic!

I have found that absolutely the best way to use our Island Rx and Windsurfer Islandceutical products in the bath or shower is by applying the liquid soap using a mesh scrubby. The scrubby is invigorating and your skin benefits from its gentle exfoliation. Using the scrubby results in a naturally foaming fresh smelling therapeutic experience for all of your senses. The very first time you use it you may need a little more product…my theory is that it takes time to wash off all of the old residual stuff on your skin. Thereafter, it only takes a little bit on the scrubby to get lots of luxurious foam. In fact, I stopped using shaving cream on my legs, instead I use Island Rx and it’s so quick and easy! The added bonus is a doubly smooth feel.

Wow!! It love that it is so simple…I am still blown away by the fact that with Island Rx and Windsurfer I have the perfect all-in-one head-to-toe soaps for everyone in the family that eliminate the need to use multiple products in the bath! I travel all of the time and now I take only one bottle for the shower/bath. I love the fact there is no mess and no waste of bar soaps. I love the fact that I no longer need to use after-shower goopy lotions that stick to my clothes.

The effect of the Islandceutical ingredients on my skin has been absolutely remarkable. Those old embarrassing and ugly red track mark scratches on my arms and legs are long gone! My skin is naturally soft and has never felt smoother and I love the luxurious foam and aromatherapy. My skin rinses clean, smooth and repaired.

Soft soothing rejuvenated skin has never been easier!

I am a real believer in our products, and I hope you will give them a try. And please remember – this isn’t just soap, it’s therapy!
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