Pet Testimonials

The night I found Muttineer, I was on my way home from the holistic vet…armed with meds and herbs to try to get past the itching (Dante had hot spots with scabs, hairless patches from licking the hair out, and brown feet from licking his paws.)  I tried Muttineer on a whim, thinking that if it had even a little effect, anything would help.  I bathed him in the AM…he was itching as I put him in the tub…for 24 hours after he came out of his bath, however, I never saw him itch, rub his head, bite and pull at his hair, etc.  I was amazed! By day 2, the behaviors were back only slightly…and we’ve stayed at 85% improvement, 6 days out.  Tonight he gets a bath again (bath 2 with Muttineer; he gets a bath once a week), and I am anticipating that his skin will feel better each time.  If only I could now find a product that worked this well for his ears and eyes!

I’m sold, and soon a little Bichon in Wisconsin (my parents’ treasure) will also get some relief! Vickie U of M School of Medicine

It is heart-wrenching to watch a beloved pet suffer a seizure. When my Labrador had her third episode, I looked at the record and it became obvious that each of the seizures had occurred shortly after her monthly bath. Could it be the shampoo? Internet chat rooms suggested that this could be the cause. I use Island RX and learned that there was a therapeutic soap formulated especially for pets… Muttineer. Well, Velvet has had her bath, her black fur is soft and shiny, and 72 hours afterwards she’s doing just fine. Thank you. – Sandra, Jacksonville, FL

I like the wonderful clean smell; moisturizes without being oily; not tested on animals is a plus (PETA should add this to their list of humane products). I feel clean and fresh after using both Island Rx and Windsurfer—can use often (twice in one day) as they are not drying; can use with washcloth, shower puff or right on your hand. Susan, Portland, OR

We have two rescued Greyhounds that reside with us. Recently one of our dogs became ill and had to be put on Prednisone. This drug made her drink copious amounts of water. While her body was adjusting she drank so much water that we ended up with a few accidents. One morning in particular we discovered she had had an accident while sleeping in her crate. Poor baby, I ended up taking her outside and bathing her with your non-toxic soap. After her bath her coat was so soft and she smelled so good, I immediately brought out the other dog and gave her a bath too. Our vote is: Bow, WOW! WOW! Nancy, Port St. Lucie, FL

I ordered some of your windsurfer soap and the muttineer shampoo for my very itchy dog. He is still doing great with it. I see no reason to go back to the very expensive prescription shampoo I was using previously.  Ami, Virginia