Outdoors and Adventure Experiences

I asked for a sample (Island Rx) to take on a whale-watching trip on the Baja Peninsula. We were in a place with just a tent and no running water. We were told to bring phosphate-free soap, so I used the one Wendy uses. It worked just great, lathered quickly and rinsed fast. I have extremely dry skin. After using this soap, it feels great. It doesn't feel tight getting out of the shower. I love the way it smells. I've been using it for three months. Alexis, Annapolis, MD

I want to give you my testimonial about the windsurfer, too.  I went on a mission trip to Peru and returned about 10 days ago. I knew that hot showers would be hard to come by but I did want to feel clean and refreshed b/c we were doing some pretty nasty work while we were down there.  I took the windsurfer and the scrubby you sent (THANKS!) and it made my skin feel so good. I was right; I only got one hot shower the whole week, but the oils in the windsurfer made my skin feel really good when I got back to "base" at night.

I normally don't feel very clean if I take very short, cold showers but the windsurfer helped things. : )  I'm a regular customer now. Thanks for making a great product. Amy, Fredericksburg Virginia

The therapeutic value of Keys Soap is terrific, it really does make my skin feel smoother and cleaner. But that's not why I buy Windsurfer. I buy it because it smells absolutely wonderful. It's the only scent that I know of that can actually make me smile. A shower with Windsurfer is the best way to start a day. Thad, Marietta, GA

Dear Wendy, Thank you for the Windsurfer soap. I really like it a lot. Love Paige Paige, 8 years old, Davie FL

I have been using Keys Soap since the fall of 2004 and I love it. Just a small amount on a mesh sponge is enough to create thick lather and smell make you feel like you're taking a shower in an orange grove. My husband and I live in an RV and do a great deal of traveling. The fact that the soap is thin, the lather generous and you rinse squeaky clean is so refreshing. This soap has helped immensely with my eczema. I no longer need to use heavy moisturizers to counteract the dryness. About the only thing I use now is a light moisture with a built in SPF 30. Nancy, Pt. St. Lucie, FL

I got my Keys Soap and THANKS…They smell SO GOOD - like fresh juicy grapefruit - and I'm enjoying both. I've been using them nightly (I always shower late at night before hitting the hay) and alternating the two products. The scent is so invigorating. Penny, Chicago, IL

I enjoyed the great lather and very clean scent (not flowery and fake smelling like some products)! Connie, Allendale, NJ

i was on a camping trip this past weekend and brought along the Windsurfer.  It was a hit with everyone in our group!  And the bees :) .  We found a watering hole with very cold water (~40 degrees, if we were lucky) so we a refreshing bath and swim with the soap.

It's great stuff and i loved that it's completely biodegradable. Kati, California