Testimonials for Products in Development

Everyone’s skin is different. What is good for some is not good for others. At Keys Soap, we learn from our customers. When someone reacts to one of our products we want to know why. If we can understand the reaction, we can work around the natural ingredient that causes a reaction. Products in this section are soon to be added to our line. When they are available for sale, these testimonials will be moved to their respective category. It pays to give us feedback because the folks below told us about their experiences and we responded with a new product.

Skin Cancer Awareness

I had a biopsy on a spot I thought was a bug bite, (on my shin down near my ankle), and it turned out to be a Sguamous cell skin cancer. Your "Slip, Slop, Slap Shade" section (Keys Solar Rx web page) sent me to the dermatologist for an early visit. Thank you. I go to see a Plastic Surgeon on Friday morning.

Once again, saved by your knowledge!

Note: Wendy Steele (Keys Soap founder) is a member of the Skin Cancer Society Inner Circle. The reference above is to a Cancer Awareness Card we developed as a part of Wendy ’s advocacy awareness program to fight skin cancer.  You can click here to download the card.

Mangrove; Code Name: Beth Soap

Mangrove is the latest soap in development. It was developed for Beth and her reaction to Vitamin E. Island Rx contains avocado oil which is high on E. We removed the avocado oil and replaced it with Neem oil and Black Cumin Oil. Mangrove is an earthy scent. It has been referred to as the smell of fresh rain.

Over the past couple of years I have spent countless amounts of money searching for a product that would not irritate my skin after continued use. A lot of the irritation came from my sensitivity to Vitamin E as well as other additives. I really liked Island Rx, which has no additives, but found that I couldn’t use it on my face because of my sensitivity to Vitamin E. Bob would not take "no" for an answer and the "Mango" (Mangrove) product was created. Thank you for taking the time to listen to what was actually happening and adding this product. I have now been using it for several weeks with only positive results. Thanks again! – Beth, Jacksonville, FL

My eight month old son has suffered from baby eczema since he was about two months old. I had tried every kind of cleanser I could find on him, ones that said they were for "very dry, sensitive skin". Nothing worked, in fact his skin just got worse! I got a sample of the Mangrove Soap and within three days there was a huge improvement in his skin! The redness was gone and he was itching less! I was so excited about the change, I ordered a full size bottle of the Mangrove Soap right away. We are now about half way through the bottle and my son's skin is almost completely healed! I am so thankful that I finally found something that really does what it says it will, and is TRULY all natural! Jenni, Huntingtown, Maryland

Some testimonials on our new Tortuga Lotion, Tortuga Intensive Care and Solar Rx Sunblock

I have returned from a great vacation in Ocracoke with good news for you.

 The zinc oxide sunblock is very effective and feels fine on the skin, especially on the face and neck. It didn't sweat off, it wasn't too oppressive (though in the heat, everything feels a little slimy) and it completely protected our faces from the sun. It feels a little thick initially, but it does absorb pretty well once smoothed on the skin. I had an area that got a little red on my leg where I had missed (oops) with regular sunscreen, so I used your zinc oxide and it protected the area from any further sun damage and burning. Kati and I were equally impressed with the tattoo enhancer (Tortuga Intensive Care Serum) which we both applied after sun exposure and our tattoos were immediately brought back to life.

I also used the stick on a few of the many, MANY mosquito bites and it really helped to relieve the skin after the bite had dried out.

 The lotion sample you gave me was a godsend for our cracked and blistered "beach feet".

We were pretty pleased with all the products, especially the lotion because of its versatility doubling as a face lotion for our parched and salty chins, foreheads and noses. And, of course, it really smells good too!

Thank you so much for everything Bob! I can't tell you how pleased I am with your products, they really are addictive! I really dig how my skin feels when I use your soaps etc. and I just can't imagine using any other products. , Monica, Annapolis Md