KODA OmniClean Sachet

KODA OmniClean Sachet

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OmniClean is a natural Castile therapeutic Castile foaming shampoo/soap used for dogs with skin irritations, insect problems and to heal skin disorders

• Heals Skin Disorders

• Quiets ‘Hot Spots’

• Antibacterial

• Anti-itch Treatment

• Anti-Fungal

• Heals Insect Bites

• Reduces MRSA Impact

• Reduces Yeast Levels

• Anti-Inflammatory

• Easy Foam Application

• Lightning Fast Rinsing

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Our sachets are great as gifts or a way to try our products before you commit to purchasing full-sized product.  

These are great for travel as well and most sachets have multiple applications based on your skin type and area of coverage.