Skin Disorders: Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Cracking, Dry Itchy

Well...I just had to tell you...BRAVO!You-the creator of Island RX-did an excellent job!

I bought the eye cream (Keys Eye Butter) and it's so amazing!!!I "wear" it day and night! You sent me a sample of Island Rx(thank you) and I started to use it...It's the best facial cleanser I've ever seen..and felt! My skin looks and feels so good,so smooth and fresh!I just wanna wash it with Island Rx forever:)) I'm gonna be buying for me and my man soon;)) Thank you again and keep up with the great job! I recommend your products to everybody!  Gergana, Chicag o Il

I decided to try your products after reading the Environmental Working Groups ‘Skin Deep’ Report.  I experimented with them alongside two different ‘Dr. So-and-So’ brands of castile soap as well as hair care and body lotion by a company whose name reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.  Your Island Rx, Windsurfer and Tortuga Lotion won like Barbaro in the Kentucky Derby: a far and away superior experience with exciting results.  Your Galleyon immediately made itself at home in what I call my ‘lab kitchen’ where I constantly experiment with cooking and baking healthy food full of love.  Now when I ‘forget’ and wash my hands with dish washing liquid instead of Galleyon, I feel the itchy irritation immediately.  Never noticed it before!  I have become more aware of my skin health and can offer more loving care to myself since using Keys products.  Sincerely, Kathleen, Syracuse , NY

Okay, okay... As if Island RX isn't wonderful enough, now I'm totally addicted to Tortuga.  I started using it on my face and my husband NOTICED the difference!  Now Shawn is using it too. Julie, Edgewater MD.

After 40 years of washing my face it FINALLY feels clean and refreshed. Your Windsurfer and Island Rx are truly awesome products.  During this cold and dry weather Tortuga , is a life saver.  My face feels soft and supple and clean.  A little goes a long way.  You now have a life long user of your products.  You are an answer to prayer. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  Kathy , Odenton , Maryland

I have been using Island Rx head-to-toe for just a few weeks and I have begun to notice that my hair is thicker and there seems to be more of it. Your customer service representative suggested that it might be because I have stopped using chemical laden shampoos and gels and that they may have contributed to my original hair loss. I don't care! My hair is thicker, it looks better and it seems like it is growing again. Now that is significant! Joe, Annapolis, MD


I wanted to give you an update on the method you suggested in using the wash ( Island Rx).  Making sure I had thoroughly wet my neck before applying did the trick!  Well, I’ve been using it ever since your advice and I just want to tell you what a difference it has made for my skin.  I’m 25 and I’ve had acne since I was an early teen.  I’ve gone to dermatologists who prescribed very stripping creams and pills that had more side effects than the problem to begin with.  I would ask them if they had any natural remedies and they always said ‘no’.  Well, I decided to forgo that idea and purchased an off-brand of ProActiv.  This was working pretty well, but it would dry my skin out to an unbearable condition during the winter.  And, perhaps as a result of using it, I developed eczema on my chin and started to break out there as well.  No cream I used made it go away.  I can’t express how thankful I am that my friend gave me a sample of this product ( Island Rx).  It’s made my skin clearer, including helping with the breakouts on my chin, and it’s taken away the eczema!  When I used all the products I got from doctors and the stores, it was always a ‘hope’ that they would work and my skin wouldn’t dry out (due to its sensitivity).  After using this product, I feel like I’m actually feeding my skin, nourishing it with what it needs.  Instead of feeling like I’m only addressing the surface of my face, I feel and know I am addressing the actual depths of my skin and its needs.  What an amazing feeling!  What an amazing product!  I know it may sound dramatic, but coming from someone who has struggled with skin problems almost all my life, thank you with all my heart!  So, of course I just bought myself more of the product online and I also just read your article on sun protection, so I’ll be purchasing the sun block soon as well.  Wendy, I’ve already told my family about your wonderful product and I plan on telling as many people as I can!

With much appreciation,


Erin (howard County, MD)

My husband is Bill brought home samples from you, I have been using your products and really like them.  My face feels so much better.  You had also given us some samples for our son who had eczema and a wart virus.  We had been given retin A cream to use on the wart virus which did not help and also was very drying and had led to a bad case of eczema.  After using the cream for about 3 weeks, our pediatrician told me to discontinue it since it didn't seem to be working. Soon after we began using the soap on him both the eczema and the warts disappeared!  I also bought some soap for my mom after reading some of the information that you left for Bill.  She has brown patches on her face.  Since she's been using the soap, they had faded dramatically.  Thanks so much!!  Cindy, Maryland

We met at City Dock Cafe last week or the weekend before.  I'm Mona's friend from California .  I wanted to let you know that I love the Island RX that I've stolen from Mona and her sister, as well as the lotion you gave to Mona to try!  That lotion smells to good, I love Lemon Grass.  I can't wait until you offer it online.  The little bit of time I used the Island RX, it cleared up my skin and washed off so easily.  My skin didn't feel tight or anything afterwards, so I didn't feel like I needed to slather on a moisturizer over it. Kati, Oxnard California

The soap cleans my skin and erases my acne. This fine product also makes my skin feel softer. The Island Rx is the one I use and it smells really good. The smell lasts all day too which is really great. Mitch, Marietta, GA

My son had been on a mild antibiotic for his skin (acne) while away at college. It wasn’t working, so I gave him a bottle of Island Rx when he came home for Spring break. I told him to wash his face and hair with it. Within 3-days of being home it was a 1000 percent better. - Dave, Crofton, MD

I scratched myself so often at night, that I awoke to find blood on my sheets. Doctors have given me steroid creams but nothing worked. Nothing, that is, until my husband read an article about the start-up of a Davidsonville manufacturer with an all-natural liquid soap line. He got some of the company's samples by calling the company (which they sent to us free of charge). I was a little skeptical of Keys Soap's claims that eliminating ubiquitous foam-producing chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate and ammonium laureth sulfate in favor of organic essential oils produces a better soap. But 12 days later, my condition cleared up dramatically. It's got to be something in the product. I regret I didn't take any before photos because my husband is stunned at the difference in my appearance. The itching has stopped. – Shirley Crofton, MD

I have had skin rashes from traveling and staying in hotels. The harsh detergents they use cause my skin to break out and turn red. Island Rx you changed my life! Shower every time with Island Rx seems to keep the harsh detergents used in hotels from bothering my skin. I love the feel of my skin even hours after showering. The smell is absolutely wonderful. Carla, Santa Fe NM

For the past three years I have been battling a dermatological condition with numerous visits to several doctors, prescription medications, ointments, salves, and topical oils, and hundreds of dollars in “natural” shampoos, soaps, and lotions… all with no relief. So, when I was handed the 4-ounce sample of Island RX, I was skeptical, but because it was from a good friend I went ahead and tried it. Well, within two weeks there was marked improvement head to toe. I am now finishing my first 8-ounce bottle and the results really are incredible. The doctors have been watching a “blotch” on my cheek suspicious of skin cancer and today that blotch is all but gone! Finally, a therapeutic soap that really does heal the skin. Thank you. Sandra, Jacksonville, FL

Canadian winters are brutal on my skin. 40 below zero and 40 mile per hour winds pull moisture out of my skin more than anything I've ever experienced. After using Island RX for only one week the softness and moisture in my skin was fully restored. The dryness and painful cracking that had become common for me every winter is now just a memory. Thank you so much Bob for your commitment to helping people live better, healthier, happier lives. - Ryan, Regina, Canada

Keys soap, if it can be called that - it does not feel like a soap on the skin, it feels more like a liquid moisturizer that cleans. I would like to take a minute to thank the creator of Keys Soap. I'm a barber and have been for 27 years and every winter I go through red and dried out hands and knuckles, because I wash my hands about 20 plus times a day. Recently, a customer I’ve known for years sat in my chair and I immediately noticed his skin was different and asked what he was using. He said Keys Soap. I said what? He explained about their soaps and said they have a hand soap called Galleyon. I tried it and have fallen in love with a soap! My hands look and feel great, no more red knuckles or itchy, dried out hands. I can't thank you enough; I think the inventor is on to something here!!! My sample package of Keys soaps came with a bottle of Island Rx and my customer said to let my son try it for his face to aid in his break-outs. Although being a teenager and not doing every thing his mom says, he has noticed a difference in his complexion, and the out-breaks are not as intense and this is only after a month. Thank-you, Wendy, for your husband!!! Diane, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Being involved in the automotive industry leaves me exposed to many different chemicals. From solvents to lubricants, most things I encounter on a daily basis are not very skin friendly. My hands are my most valuable tool and protecting them is difficult at the best of times. Using Island Rx and Windsurfer leaves my hands and skin feeling refreshed every day. Small scratches and scrapes heal up quickly and without any irritation. - Ryan B., Saskatchewan, Canada

Dear Bob & Wendy, I am writing to you to let you know that your products have already cleared up my eczema. My hands used to be so dry, but now they're soft & itch-free!, Kati, Oxnard, Ca